We are here to Make a change!

CAB-EEZ Infra Tech (P) Limited (Brand Name: “Cab-e”) is a Technology Marketplace providing Technology Platform (built in-house) which supports a mobile-based online Cab booking service for an All-Electric Fleet of Cabs - for Local, Inter-City, Rentals, Tailored B2B services and customized trips - with the sole aim of significantly contributing to the Indian government's push for 100% electric mobility by 2030.

In addition to the idea of supporting the country’s move, to embrace this alternate eco-model, our company endeavors to change the life-style of the Cab Managers (Drivers) in India, both from a financial as well as from a psychological stand point.

This opportunity seemed very relevant, because the existing organized fleet operators put together have only a 9% market share of the $10 Billion Taxi Market industry in India. Moreover, we found that there was 1 taxi for 330 commuters in India whereas there was 1 taxi for 115 commuters the world over.

A rise in smartphone penetration in India, improved availability of high-speed internet connectivity, increasing investments in the online taxi market by the foreign institutional investors (FII) and swelling disposable income are the major factors that are driving the growth of the market.  

We intend to be early movers and want to tap this huge opportunity with e-Vehicles as the Taxi market industry in India is large enough to support existing and new players.


To be India’s most respectable Technology Marketplace Platform Operator, which Transforms and enhances value for
the Country, the Society, the Commuter and all Operating Partners

Our Mission

Why e-Vehicles?

  • The largest source of climate pollution in India is Transportation
  • The Indian government has created a momentum through its Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of (Hybrid &) Electric Vehicles Schemes (FAME) that encourages, and in some segments, even mandates the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV), with a goal of reaching 100% EV penetration by 2030
  • Switching to Electric Vehicles could save India $60 Billion in fuel costs, while cutting down 1 Gigatonnes of Carbon emissions. This could help India be among the global leaders in technology and skill development
  • As the number of motor vehicles on the roads double every 8-10 years in India, CO2 emissions are bound to get worse With India’s goal to reduce oil dependency while solving the challenge of energy scarcity, moving towards renewable and clean sources of energy - are at the top of the national agenda. Electric vehicles promise zero tailpipe emissions and a reduction in air pollution in cities and towns
  • We are also working on setting up Charging Infrastructure with leaders of the EV charging Industry in India, which will cater to captive, commercial and private vehicles
Mockup Image
Mockup Image

What is the uniqueness of our Venture?

  • Early mover advantage in the mobile based Cab Booking Service for an All-Electric Fleet of Cars

  • Industry First commuter benefits

  • Business Model making economic, environmental and social sense together

  • Largest B2C service provider for EVs with proprietary tech in Mumbai

  • Creating the Largest Private Charging Infra Structure Set Up