Scroll Of Honour

We Salute our Heroes !!

Data as on 30th September, 2021
When they chose Cab-e as their Trusted Travel Partner, they chose to contribute to the Nation.
Each trip with us, enabled our esteemed Customers to help conserve the Environment by helping curb CO2 Emissions.
At Cab-e, we felicitate our National Champions, who have walked that extra mile towards conservation.

Pole Position Status Name Trips(Nos) Distance Clocked(KMs) CO2 Curbed(Tonne)
Platinum Leader
image here
Venkat Subramanian
210 6204 1.000
Gold Second
Sushil Sathye
200 4637 0.770
Silver Third
Bhavin Raja
167 3952 0.656
Bronze Fourth
Bimal shah
120 3294 0.547
Blue6 Fifth
Ganesh Bhosale
195 3460 0.574
Blue5 Sixth
Rahul Naik
102 3187 0.529
Blue4 Seventh
Urmil Shah
94 2981 0.495
Blue3 Eighth
Nbhavesh Jha
95 2613 0.434
Blue2 Ninth
Ms. RR Ghorpade
270 2474 0.441
Blue1 Tenth
Bikesh Singh
42 2391 0.397

We also Salute our Cab Managers !!

Each time that they pick up a Ride booking and travel to service a request, or, when they transport our valued Customers, they equally contribute to the Nation. Every minute that they are in the cars, they conserve the environment.
At Cab-e, we respect and value our Cab Manager Heroes who have chosen to reduce pollution for their city.

Pole Position Status Name Trips(Nos) Distance Clocked(KMs) CO2 Curbed(KGs)
Platinum Leader
image here
EV Arif Shaikh
646 16460 2.70
Gold Leader
image here
EV Umesh Parmar
654 14725 2.40
Silver Second
EV Soyal Shaikh
722 12861 2.10
Bronze Third
EV Sagar Mirajkar
306 7465 1.20
Blue Fourth
EV Hussain Shah
606 10835 1.80