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CAB-EEZ Infra Tech Pvt. Limited (Brand Name: “Cab-E”) is a Green-Tech Urban Mobility Marketplace and we provide, an in-house built, Mobile-based Platform, for City, Inter-City and Customized commuting plans with an all-Electric Fleet of Cars at extremely affordable prices.

Mumbai - EV Charging Hubs
Pune - EV Charging Hubs

Our Hubs are responsible to ensure that all cars are cleaned every 12 hours, charged and then operated within the designated routes. They ensure comfortable, on time and safe rides for commuters across the city. The Hubs track each car 24/7, so that every time a customer is on board, they know they are safe with us.

Captive Locations


Fast Chargers


Slow Chargers *


* Includes existing and ordered - In Partnered with 3 Large Private Charging Infra Operators

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Additionally Partnered With 3 Large Private Charging Infra Operators

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